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21a Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1DP

Welcome to Fountain Court Hairdressers, City of London

Established in the heart of the City of London since 1987 and situated at the foot of the landmark tower 42, Fountain Court is a bespoke Hairdressers swathed in over two decades of style, class and decadence, truly making it one of the city's hidden gems.

A traditional gents barbers, Fountain Court specialises in all aspects of cutting and styling for men. With a highly skilled and qualified team available five days a week, with appointments not always necessary. why go anywhere else... Book yourself in today

Price List

Hair cut, blow dry and finish, 31.00
One grade any grade clipper cut all over and finish, 15.00

Opening Hours

8.30am - 5pm Mon- Fri
please call for an appointment

You Never Change your Banker, Tailor or Barber
I want to let you in on a secret a very English, stylish and genteel secret. Tucked away, in the heart of the City, is a glorious reminder of a traditional English experience. I am talking about a proper gentlemen's hairdressers. They used to say you never change your banker, tailor or barber. Nothing could be more apt. Fountain Court even takes that spirit further, boasting an astonishing number of father and son clients so honouring that old adage even across generations. Not here the bright lights, blaring music and incessant banal chatter of most modern barbers. Not here the soulless chrome and black imitation leather furniture. Not here the goldfish bowl lack of privacy.
Fountain Court has all the charm of a shop in Diagon Alley. It even seems to evoke that same secrecy of location, sitting discreetly in an alleyway behind the City of London Club below Tower 42.
Adding to the charm and sense of escape to a more relaxed age. oak panelling, upholstered red leather chairs, and bookshelves all suggest a lifestyle of calm reflection. Privacy is a given. Oak panelled booths close off each client from the rest of the world. There is peace. Quiet. And the only distraction is good old fashioned care and attention by a team who truly understand customer service.
Perhaps my sharing this precious secret with you might make you think. An hour out from your frenetic City life might act as a much-deserved tonic from the hustle and bustle or it could identify the lifestyle for which you might ultimately be striving!
Banbury author Toby Vintcent
Events and Location
Due to the strong traditional elements and unique character of our London barber's shop design, our beautiful barbers can be hired as a location by production companies and publications for film and photography shoots.

When you hire our barber shop we will close the whole store for you so you have complete private access and we can provide a barber or two should your shoot require.

we often host our own in store parties so if you're looking for a novel setting for a PR event or private party, then our barber shop is the perfect place to do so - in fact . We can even provide staff and catering for you. If you'd like to enquire about hiring the store for a shoot or event, please don't hesitate to get in touch.